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Timothy Program

Young Apostles

The Timothy Program seeks to empower & encourage young believers that struggle with life's trials and tribulations, teaching them how to navigate these issues with faith, prayer & community.

Through Ministry, Music & Mentorship, we will equip our youth with the skills necessary to deepen their relationship with christ and to share that faith with their peers so that they can conquer whatever life throws their way.

The Three M's

Sunday School


Our students will have the opportunity to form relationships in a safe community of brothers and sisters in Christ. There will be biblical lessons and small group discussions focused on developing our youth's critical thinking skills, teaching them to deepen their understanding of the word so that they can teach others.

Music Recording


Faith and Music have always gone hand in hand. In our Creative Career Classes, we will give students experience and training in particular fields related to music production. This will allow them to explore the Music Industry while guiding them to becoming positive Christian artists in the world of Music. 

Children and Teacher in Kindergarten


Guidance is an important part of a child's development. We will teach our youth to cultivate intentional relationships with Christ though day-to-day life coaching, vision casting & first-hand looks at how men and women of Christ carry themselves in their lives.

Join the Young Apostles

If you wish to sign your child up for Timothy Program: Young Apostles, please download the program application below and fill out the required information. Once you have filled out the application, please email it to

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