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Our Founders:

Raheem and Brandon, born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, desired to be the hands and feet of Jesus, that helped bring a revival to Memphis. Believing that ministry and music should go hand & in hand, they set out to create both a non-profit and a Christian music label.​It is through these two entities that they, along with their team, work to spread the word of Christ and create disciples who will use it in an age of character and integrity through unwavering faith.

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Raheem Morrison

Co-Founder / Ministry Director / Business Manager

Raheem Malik Morrison is the Co-Founder of MethodToDaMadness and Apostolic Methods Ministry. Raheem, an Artist who goes by the stage name "Merciful," is a Memphis native who grew up in South Memphis and was homeschooled throughout his K-12 years. The oldest of 10 siblings and newly wedded to Hallie Morrison, he is the Assistant Basketball coach for Blue Mountain College and promotes our mission for Christ through his leadership and determination.


Brandon Williams

Co-Founder / Youth Ministry Director / Producer & Engineer

Brandon Williams is the Co-Founder of MethodToDaMadness and Apostolic Methods Ministry. Born in Cleveland, Ohio, but raised in Memphis, Brandon fully accepted Christ into my heart and life in 2018. He is married to the beautiful Jami Williams and now has a baby girl named Jade. Guitarist, drummer, Artist, and self -proclaimed "greatest basketball player" on the MTDM label, he is dedicated to the role of Youth Ministry Director for AMM.


Tyler Smith

Producer/ Administrative Associate/ Artist

Tyler Smith is a recent graduate of Baylor University and native Memphian. Music has always been apart of his life and as a young man, he taught himself how to play the piano and then delved into both orchestra composition and beat making. Also a great writer and public speaker, Tyler believes that God has given him these gifts to share with others. He believes in MTDM/AMM and their mission and devotes his skills to the cause, hoping to move spirits and mend hearts.

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Hallie Morrison

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Jami Williams


Leydi Espinosa


Paige Stubbs

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