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Apostolic Methods Ministries has seen our efforts' positive impact on our communities. With the support of those who believe in our vision for a more unified city, we can make even more significant strides in our
mission to empower, encourage & inspire believers in Christ. For those who want to contribute to our good works, become a member today, and help usher in a new age in Memphis. It isn't just a donation, but rather a commitment to spare changing lives, one believer at a time.

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  • Shout Out in the Bronze Membership Portion of the Newsletter

  • 10% Discount on Merchandise

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  • Shout Out in the "Silver" Membership Portion of the Newsletter

  • 25% Discount on Merchandise

  • Free Admission to two-yearly performances & events

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  • Shout Out in the "Gold" Membership Portion of the Newsletter

  • 50% Discount on Merchandise

  • Free Admission to all yearly performances & events

  • Three pieces of MTDM & AMM merchandise of your choosing

  • Early access to MTDM music including albums & singles.

  Unity Membership 

What is the Unity Membership?

When it comes to Christians and the mission of spreading the word of God, we must be unified in that goal. As a ministry & music label, we understand that it takes more than just one person, one group, & one entity to truly make a difference in this world; In truth, you need an ever-expanding community united under a singular cause & singular mission.

Thus, we created the UNITY MEMBERSHIPThis is a program wherein we are willing to connect with like-minded Chrisitan Artists to build a strong community of faith here in the city of Memphis and worldwide. This gives all of us a chance to connect, learn from one another, and provide each other support as we work to expand God's Kingdom.

It is our hope this community will develop into a family that can come together and truly make difference in this nation & the world. 

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